Live Inspired and Feed Your Spirit

“If we try to pour from an empty pitcher, everyone ends up thirsty!”

Recently, Angie Mozilo (@azmomofmanyhats on twitter and AZ Mom of Many Hats on Facebook) and I discussed this idea, as well as my book Live Inspired, on her Mom of Many Hats Radio Show.

You can click here to download our show on iTunes.

As Angie says,

Mom of Many Hats Radio is a place for moms to hear a loud and resounding “MOMS ARE IMPORTANT!” It is also a place for women who wear the mom badge to have a community that truly believes that they have value beyond simply the day to day tasks of “mommyhood.”

Our topic for this show was “Live Inspired and Feed Your SpiritTalking with Angie is always a delight. With her kind spirit and soothing words, Angie is always perfect host and our conversation flowed effortlessly. I hope you’ll enjoy the show and be sure to check out Mom of Many Hats Radio every Friday at 5pm EST!

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