Happiness Is Like a Butterfly

I’m writing again after an over-three-year hiatus.

I began blogging a few years ago as a form of self-expression. I enjoyed looking at events from my everyday life and turning them into poetic, meaningful events.

Eventually, blogging became a form of therapy for me. I wrote to crowd out the negative thoughts, to give my mind something to positive to focus on. While it worked for the most part, over time, I found myself moving past the point of moderation. Writing became an obsession for me. Given my history with depression, I was afraid that if I didn’t write – if I didn’t have this singular focus on positivity – that I’d take a nosedive. I’d go down that treacherous path once again.

While I’ve been absent from blogging, things have leveled out a bit. I have learned not to live in fear that if I didn’t spend every minute — of every day — planning new, positive blog posts that those dark clouds of depression would roll in. Things have loosened up in my mind, for the better. While I’ve still had my ups and downs, I’ve felt generally happy overall.

Once again, I’ve found Henry David Thoreau’s words to be true in this, my very very favorite quote ever:

happiness is like a butterfly quote


I’ve recently been missing my blog, my creative-writing outlet. And so… I’m writing again. This time, hopefully, from a place of wisdom and balance.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon.

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