That Time I Wrote a Stigma Fighters Piece

stigmafighters2My family and few close friends have known about my history with mental illness for years. However, publicly I’ve been less vocal. Sure, I have alluded to my history with depression in blog posts, like this one. And I’ve mentioned mental health in general in posts like this one. In my book Welcome The Rain, I lightly touched upon my history with depression. And yet, it took an invitation by @TheSarahFader to write for her non-profit, @StigmaFighters, for me to truly share “my story.

In it, I chronicle my history with mental illness in more detail than I ever have. It took me three weeks and three versions to eventually arrive at my final post. Last April, I hesitantly shared it in a Facebook post and received such support from family and friends. This support helped to soothe my spirit. Years and years of embarrassment and shame began to slowly melt away. And here I am, months and months later, finally brave enough to post my story on my own website.

I want to give a big thanks to Sarah for encouraging me to write this piece and to my family and friends for their support and acceptance. You all have touched me more than you will ever know.

To you reading this post right now, I want to encourage you to share your stories with those in your life. You never know who might need to hear them. And it is my hope that by releasing your deeply buried stories, your spirit will be soothed as well.

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