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It’s #KeepTalkingMH Week!

Did you know that this is Keep Talking Mental Health Week?

#KeepTalkingMH, created by Rebecca Lombardo, is a movement to inspire others to talk about mental health. Rebecca encourages us to “Get out there and spread the word that there’s NO SHAME in talking about mental health or mental illness.”

Rebecca is the author of It’s Not Your Journey. This is her true story of the battle she fights inside her mind every day. She documents what she is feeling to help others while she helps herself. I had the privilege of being on Rebecca’s podcast and we spoke about the daily struggle of living with mental illness. But back to “Keep Talking Mental Health Week…”

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Presenting My Newly Named Blog

Disclaimer: In order to fully enjoy my oh-so-dramatic presentation,  just turn a blind eye to that new blog header positioned inches above these very words. 😉

With a BIG thanks to everyone who participated in my Michelle Sedas 2.0 Name My Blog Contest, I’m pleased to present to you my newly renovated blog! Thank You to @DianaJoy, @JacobNordby, @geowaco, @JefGolden, & Tonda Agold for playing along. Super-Duper Special Thank You to @morrisinal for the Winning Submission!

And now, without further ado, I shall present the new name of my blog:

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Michelle Sedas 2.0 Name My Blog Contest

A New Contest! Yay!

Over three years ago, before Welcome The Rain was published, I designed my author website. Since then, I’ve cofounded a company, have written more books, and have been published in five Chicken Soup for the Soul books. And, I’ve cut my hair. (A drastic haircut is *huge* for a girl!) In the last three years, I’ve found my place. I’ve found my voice. And I’m ready for my website to reflect MichelleSedas 2.0.

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Calling All Runners!

I have another fun contest for you! This time, I’m looking for runners.

My Running Moms Rock cofounder (Erika Westmoreland) and I are writing a new book on running and inspiration and we’d love to hear from you! If we select your ideas, your name will appear in the book! This book will be target toward ALL runners, both men and women.

 1. What (or who) inspires you to run?

2. Please share your favorite running tips, healthy recipes, or any other words of advice for fellow runners.

3. We’d love to hear an awesome running story. Inspire us! 

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See Your Words in Print!

It’s been a while since I’ve hosted a contest, and I’ve got a super-fun one for you!

I’m way excited to be writing a new book on social media and inspiration with my dear friend Joseph Ranseth and we want YOU to come and play with us! This book will explore the ways that social media is positively affecting our lives and we are looking for real-life examples from people like you.

Ways to enter our “See Your Words In Print” contest:

1. Take the Survey:
Share with us your awesomest, most inspiring social media story.

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Day 1: The 10 Commandments of Leadership Blog Tour

“Make What Really Matters Matter”

Welcome to The 10 Commandments of Leadership Blog Tour, by For 10 days, 10 blogs are highlighting and discussing each of The 10 Commandments of Leadership. Regardless of if you are leading a large organization, a small group of peers, or your own family, you need to be effective. Read on. Lead on. Choose to be the most effective and respected leader you can be.

“Leadership is the essential skill for individual and organizational success in the 21st Century. And, The 10 Commandments of Leadership will give you the inspiration and leadership application skills you will need to meet these challenges.”

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Great American Taste Test

This weekend, we participated in the Great American Taste Test, coinciding with the release of More of America’s Most Wanted Recipes by Ron Douglas.

I knew my mom was the perfect person to help me with this project: she loves to cook and loves having any excuse to dress up my kids in costume. Here’s YaYa (my mom) with the kiddos, all donning their Chef attire.

We chose the Mongolian Beef recipe from PF Chang’s. For the Taste Test, we compared our homemade version (Choice #1) using the recipe from page 218 of the More of America’s Most Wanted Recipes cookbook with the restaurant-made dish (Choice #2). 

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And the Winner Is…

A couple of weeks ago, I had a Measure Your Feet Book Giveaway Contest. And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…
The winner is: Major Polaris X. Luu, currently stationed in Baghdad.

Here’s his award-winning entry:
“How I measured my feet? There is a pile of sand outside my office here in Baghdad. It is used to fill sandbags that cover our bunkers we dive into during mortar and rocket attacks. I took off my boots and socks and jumped onto a part of the sand leaving footprints. Then I took out a ruler and measured my footprints. The sizes? My right foot is at eight inches and my left foot is at 7.5 inches. I now know why left boots feels so loose all the time!”
I have to tell you that Polaris and I are high school friends. (Which, by the way, had nothing to do with him being the winner. All of the entries were very creative, but c’mon: sand in Baghdad! Wow!) I sat behind him in Senior Calculus. And now we’re facebook buds. Here’s a little on Polaris’ philosophy on life:
“No matter what happens I am loving life, and I am always looking for the next adventure. My entire family are veterans. Even my family rice cooker has seen a combat tour in Iraq. Rebuilding Iraq and working with the Iraqi people has really taught me patience and improved my listening skills.”
Thank you, Polaris, for participating in my contest. And thank you for serving your country so bravely. I’ll be sending my book your way, along with some coffee! Be safe.

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Giveaway Contest!

Today is Measure Your Feet Day! Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up!
This holiday began when Queen Isabella II was ruler of Spain. In 1852, she proclaimed Measure Your Feet Day as a way to determine which maidens were the fairest in the land. The women with the smallest feet were said to be the most desirable…Actually, I did make that part up! I have no idea how this holiday came about.
This week, I’m having a Measure Your Feet Day Giveaway Contest.
How to enter the contest:
Measure your feet and write your results as a comment in this blog. Only those who leave comments here will be eligible. Be as creative as you can as to how you measure your feet. The winner will receive an autographed copy of The Power of 10%. I’ll announce the winner next Friday. Good Luck!

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