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A Love Poem to Coffee

It’s Valentine’s Day and LOVE is in the air!

Tonight, many of you who are in relationships will be dining with your dates, talking with your trueloves, and sharing smooches with your sweethearts. For the singletons, you might want to party with your peeps, fiesta with your friends, or even go to bed with a beautiful book.

Valentine’s Day isn’t always about professing your undying love to your main squeeze. Sometimes, it’s about acting like a goofball and pouring your heart and soul out to your favorite beverage, like I’ve done here!


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What’s All the #Futzing About @MerlinUWard?

In honor of Social Media Day, let’s unite to make Social Media history.

On Thursday, June 23, 2011, fellow Social Media enthusiast @MerlinUWard created A Futzing Goal: to be recognized by Klout as influential in #Futzing by July 2, 2011. Over the last few days, our Social Media community has come together to support and cheer on our inspired leader. The clock is ticking and I’m now asking you, dear friend, fan, follower, or reader, to join us as we help him finish strong. You can help by:

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Celebrating Social Media Day #SMDay

To my dearest Social Media,

Today, June 30th, for the second year in a row, we celebrate YOU!  While thousands millions gazillions of social media enthusiasts all across the globe are attending meetups, I’m honoring you the best way I know how: by writing you a letter.

Little did I know, way back in 2008ish when I opened my Facebook and Twitter accounts, how much I’d come to treasure our relationship.

Throughout the years, because of your presence in my life, I’ve connected with individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences and cultures. I’ve been inspired by brilliant minds, touched by compassionate hearts, and awakened to new ideas. I’ve shared meaningful dialogue with kindred souls, learned new business and writing skills, and participated in inspired movements .

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3 Word Thursday


3 Word Thursday

This is my first blog post for 3 Word Thursday, where my Thursday blog post will contain (yep you guessed it): 3 words. I’m totally cheating because I’m already up to 31 words. Well, now I’m at 37. So, here I go. My first 3 Word Thursday blog post. But wait, since I’m now up to 54 words and that’s not even close to 3 and I clearly can’t follow directions, I might as well explain what those funny letters are up at the beginning of this blog post. They’re supposed to be there so that I can get my blog verified for Empire Avenue. And now, my 3 Word Thursday blog post:

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Embracing Superficiality!

For the first time ever, I’m actually interested in the World Cup. And by “interested,” I mean that I’ve looked at the standings a couple of times, and whenever my husband is watching a game and I pass through the room, I’ll ask Who is playing?…and hours later, I’ll often remember to ask Who won?

I’m pretty sure, though, that the reason I’m “into” the World Cup this year is that, to support my husband’s homeland, I found a cute Mexico soccer shirt to wear.


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The Nerdiest Thing I’ve Ever Said!

Yes, this just might be the nerdiest thing I’ve ever said. Here it is: I love taking tests. I find it so fun to get this old noggin of mine all cranked up and then let ‘er loose! Just see what happens!

So here’s why I’m talking about taking tests now: I’ve got “get a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing” listed in my five-year plan. Step one to achieve this goal: take the GRE. Twice within the last week I’ve gone to my local bookstore and, strangely, I’ve found myself wandering around in the reference section. Like a moth to a flame, I’ve found myself drawn to it: the study guide for the GRE. Leafing through that study guide was like giving Godiva to a chocoholic. Ripple to a wino. A book to my dad. OK, you might not know my dad, but he really loves books.

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Happy Holidays!

We’ve been having a lot of fun over at the Sedas household as we’ve been preparing for Christmas. I debated whether or not I should share this home video with you. This is my author website, after all, and I still want you to respect me! The spirit of the season must be upon me since I’ve decided to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at what I do when I’m not writing!
Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Socks

I’m on a very serious mission: to find Christmas socks! Very specific Christmas socks:
A few years ago, my husband and I each got a pair of these socks. Look at them. So cozy. So comfy. Kind of a chenille cloth. (And while you’re looking, take a look at those feet of mine! Man alive, those feet are flat!) Over time, we’ve somehow managed to lose a pair of the socks. I’m sure my husband lost his pair, since I’m oh-so very organized and I never lose anything. If you know me at all, then you know that’s a big joke. Actually, I never lose anything, things just get misplaced. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve misplaced passports, drivers licenses, and credit cards only to cancel them, get new ones, and then, a week or two later, find them in some random purse or pocket. At some point, the authorities are going to tell me, “Listen, lady. Just stop it!” OK. So, I’ll say it again, “I’m sure it was my husband who lost his socks.” (See…now you get my joke!) Anyway, every year, during the holiday season, we fight over who gets to wear these socks. Oh, we’ve tried other Christmas socks. They’re too fluffy, or too soft, or too thin. Nothing compares to these thick, red and green Christmas socks. So I’m asking you, my dear blog readers, to help me with my mission. Where can I get another pair of these wonderful socks?

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The Silliest Poem Ever

My husband travels quite a bit, and when I miss him, I sometimes write him silly poems. It’s who I am. It’s what I do. Here you go, honey. I hope this makes you smile.
I love my husband.
And he loves me.
I’m so glad he’s my sweetheart.
I’m as lucky as lucky can be.
I am so proud to say
I’m his precious darling wife.
And I want him to know
He’s the love of my life.
If he ever feels lonely,
I hope he comes to me.
So I can tell him I love him.
Something that rhymes with me.

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Things That Scare The Corn

My four-year-old son is a big helper. He loves to help measure and cut and draw and stack. And the other day, he was helping my mom decorate her house for fall. His task was to move the pumpkins to their proper place. “Ya-ya,” he said (he calls my mom Ya-ya), “can I put the pumpkins out by those things?”
“What things, honey?”
“You know, those things. Those things that scare the corn.”
And here they are. Those things that scare the corn:

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