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Inspired to “Tweet. ReTweet. Connect. Repeat.” by @MelissaOnline

“Twitter is Twicky” was my first tweet. In December 2008, I didn’t know the difference between an RT and a DM. How to follow or who to follow. What symbols like @ and # meant. But I quickly began to enjoy this fast-paced platform to connect with, share with, and learn from people all around the world. I’ve since met many twitter friends in person and have many more friends I’d love to meet.

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Why Community Matters

My friend Lisa Hammond, who I describe in Live Inspired as “spunky in spirit, inspiring in tone,” reminded me that today is National Girlfriends Day! What a beautiful day to celebrate our kindred souls who have chosen to walk along life’s path with us.

As Lisa says, “Women today face more challenges than ever—accompanied by feelings of being overwhelmed and spread much too thin. More and more of us are raising our hands and speaking up, telling the truth about how we feel. And as we do, other women are saying, “Me, too! Oh, thank God I’m not the only one!”

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What’s All the #Futzing About @MerlinUWard?

In honor of Social Media Day, let’s unite to make Social Media history.

On Thursday, June 23, 2011, fellow Social Media enthusiast @MerlinUWard created A Futzing Goal: to be recognized by Klout as influential in #Futzing by July 2, 2011. Over the last few days, our Social Media community has come together to support and cheer on our inspired leader. The clock is ticking and I’m now asking you, dear friend, fan, follower, or reader, to join us as we help him finish strong. You can help by:

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Celebrating Social Media Day #SMDay

To my dearest Social Media,

Today, June 30th, for the second year in a row, we celebrate YOU!  While thousands millions gazillions of social media enthusiasts all across the globe are attending meetups, I’m honoring you the best way I know how: by writing you a letter.

Little did I know, way back in 2008ish when I opened my Facebook and Twitter accounts, how much I’d come to treasure our relationship.

Throughout the years, because of your presence in my life, I’ve connected with individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences and cultures. I’ve been inspired by brilliant minds, touched by compassionate hearts, and awakened to new ideas. I’ve shared meaningful dialogue with kindred souls, learned new business and writing skills, and participated in inspired movements .

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Presenting My Newly Named Blog

Disclaimer: In order to fully enjoy my oh-so-dramatic presentation,  just turn a blind eye to that new blog header positioned inches above these very words. 😉

With a BIG thanks to everyone who participated in my Michelle Sedas 2.0 Name My Blog Contest, I’m pleased to present to you my newly renovated blog! Thank You to @DianaJoy, @JacobNordby, @geowaco, @JefGolden, & Tonda Agold for playing along. Super-Duper Special Thank You to @morrisinal for the Winning Submission!

And now, without further ado, I shall present the new name of my blog:

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3 Word Thursday


3 Word Thursday

This is my first blog post for 3 Word Thursday, where my Thursday blog post will contain (yep you guessed it): 3 words. I’m totally cheating because I’m already up to 31 words. Well, now I’m at 37. So, here I go. My first 3 Word Thursday blog post. But wait, since I’m now up to 54 words and that’s not even close to 3 and I clearly can’t follow directions, I might as well explain what those funny letters are up at the beginning of this blog post. They’re supposed to be there so that I can get my blog verified for Empire Avenue. And now, my 3 Word Thursday blog post:

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Michelle Sedas 2.0 Name My Blog Contest

A New Contest! Yay!

Over three years ago, before Welcome The Rain was published, I designed my author website. Since then, I’ve cofounded a company, have written more books, and have been published in five Chicken Soup for the Soul books. And, I’ve cut my hair. (A drastic haircut is *huge* for a girl!) In the last three years, I’ve found my place. I’ve found my voice. And I’m ready for my website to reflect MichelleSedas 2.0.

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2011 Polar Bear Plunge

So he’s been on Larry King Live and Oprah and his book Where God Lives was the 2004 European Book Award winner for Best Non-Fiction Book. Yet Dr. Melvin Morse allows me to affectionately refer to him simply as Doc. Yes, I’m on a one-syllable basis with this highly accomplished, brilliant man, thanks to the power of twitter (and to our mutual friend Joseph Ranseth‘s twitter matchmaking skills.)

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Finding Purpose

This afternoon, as I was checking my email, my eyes began to fill with tears and the hairs on my arms stood on end. Knowing that there was no way a calendar of upcoming local running races (contained within the email I was reading at the time) would bring on this type of involuntary response, I looked around the office for the source of my strange and abrupt physical reaction.

I am and always have been a sensitive person. “Sensitive” meaning I tend to feel my emotions deeply, as well as “sensitive” meaning I am easily affected by external stimuli. The same sights, smells, sounds, and touches that others around me are able to ignore can, at times, cause me to become overly uncomfortable.

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Live Inspired Blog Tour & Twitter Party

My latest book has officially been released and I’m excited to announce the Live Inspired Blog Tour. To kick off the tour, I’ll be hosting a Live Inspired Twitter Book Release Party on Monday, December 7, at 8:00 p.m. Central. Please tweet with me using hashtag #LiveInspired for a chance to win a free copy of the book! (TweetGrid is a great site to use for Twitter parties.)
Please check out the Live Inspired Blog Tour schedule below so you’ll know which blogs to vist.


Monday, December 7:
Inspired Living Café
8:00 p.m. Central — Twitter Live Inspired Book Release Party #LIVEINSPIRED

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