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Happiness Is Like a Butterfly

I’m writing again after an over-three-year hiatus.

I began blogging a few years ago as a form of self-expression. I enjoyed looking at events from my everyday life and turning them into poetic, meaningful events.

Eventually, blogging became a form of therapy for me. I wrote to crowd out the negative thoughts, to give my mind something to positive to focus on. While it worked for the most part, over time, I found myself moving past the point of moderation. Writing became an obsession for me. Given my history with depression, I was afraid that if I didn’t write – if I didn’t have this singular focus on positivity – that I’d take a nosedive. I’d go down that treacherous path once again.

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13 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

I’ve been married to the love of my life for 13 years.

With Hebert on Mothers day 2012

While many would find 13 to be an unlucky number, I consider 13 to have special meaning. Proud to be a part of the Happy Wives Club first ever link up party, I’m listing 13 Reasons Why I Love My Husband.

13 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

  1. He loves me with all his heart.
  2. He’s the most fun travel companion.
  3. He smiles and laughs easily.
  4. He can fix anything: a leaky faucet, a broken toy, my sad moods.
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Gotta Love Technology!

It seems my gadgets are conspiring against me! I had so many bloggy ideas in my head and pictures to match in my camera. Last week, I spent time writing out in the country, and over the weekend my husband and I went to our 10-year class reunion at Texas A&M. I’m sure I’ll get back to that tranquil bloggy place where I write about some event and tie it into some inspirational metaphor. But the fact that my camera erased all of my pictures has left me a bit discombobulated! And I’m working on a computer which crashed last week (which by the way scared the living daylights out of me since I thought I had lost months’ worth of work…but thankfully I did not), so I’m a bit gun-shy to use the computer. At this very moment, I’m not “bright and shiny Michelle.” Maybe some cute picture will lighten the mood:

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Everything In Moderation

I’ve been learning the twitter ropes. Out there chirping …just like a little bird. (I was looking for a picture of a bird singing, but I just fell in love with this little fella! So cute! )
iStock_000005087336XSmall.jpgI still don’t really know what I’m doing with twitter. For a while there, looking back through my posts, my twitter page resembled a workout log…hmmm. How strange. Well, I’ll get better as time goes by. The point is that it’s fun.
So, after my month-long quest to find technology balance, I’ve finally realized: Everything In wait for itModeration! Ah-ha! So, a little facebook here, a little twitter there, post a blog, write a newsletter…as long as I don’t get all riled up, I’m good to go! Whatever you’re out there doing, (and right now I’d say you’re reading my blog —thanks by the way), remember: everything in moderation, learning new things takes time, and always take time for a little fun!

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Feliz Navidad!

It was a Feliz Navidad, indeed!
This year, we had Christmas at our house. December is always so very busy, but I felt that I was handling all of the hustle and bustle rather well. My mental to-do list to prepare for Christmas: buy presents (check!), clean the house (check!), keep us all in one piece so that we arrive on Christmas Day safe and sound (the most important check!). On Christmas Eve, I told my mom that I was looking forward to the Christmas dinner at our house.
She said, “I know! You’re hosting Christmas this year! We’ll bring the turkey like we planned and whatever you make will be wonderful.” Oops! Planning the menu! That was one check I forgot.
Did you know that by 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve pretty much all of the grocery stores are closed?! It’s true. So, we bought our Christmas Eve munchies at CVS pharmacy. A can of nuts, gummy bears, pita chips. Yumm-o….or, not so much. On Christmas morning, the only store that was open was a Hispanic mercado. My Mexican husband, who knew his way around the mercado, came to the rescue and loaded us up with all sorts of goodies. Our Christmas dinner consisted of mom’s turkey along with tamales, tortillas, mango salsa, jicama, and guava juice. Not quite the stuffing, asparagus, salad, and cranberry sauce menu that we’re normally used to.
Oh, it was quite a Feliz Navidad, indeed!

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Saying Goodbye

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.” ~Flavia Weedn

Last weekend, I said goodbye to two dear friends, who happen to be one of the greatest couples that I’ve ever met. While we don’t get together all that often, there is still that idea that they will be moving away.

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