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What’s All the #Futzing About @MerlinUWard?

In honor of Social Media Day, let’s unite to make Social Media history.

On Thursday, June 23, 2011, fellow Social Media enthusiast @MerlinUWard created A Futzing Goal: to be recognized by Klout as influential in #Futzing by July 2, 2011. Over the last few days, our Social Media community has come together to support and cheer on our inspired leader. The clock is ticking and I’m now asking you, dear friend, fan, follower, or reader, to join us as we help him finish strong. You can help by:

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Celebrating Social Media Day #SMDay

To my dearest Social Media,

Today, June 30th, for the second year in a row, we celebrate YOU!  While thousands millions gazillions of social media enthusiasts all across the globe are attending meetups, I’m honoring you the best way I know how: by writing you a letter.

Little did I know, way back in 2008ish when I opened my Facebook and Twitter accounts, how much I’d come to treasure our relationship.

Throughout the years, because of your presence in my life, I’ve connected with individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences and cultures. I’ve been inspired by brilliant minds, touched by compassionate hearts, and awakened to new ideas. I’ve shared meaningful dialogue with kindred souls, learned new business and writing skills, and participated in inspired movements .

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3 Word Thursday


3 Word Thursday

This is my first blog post for 3 Word Thursday, where my Thursday blog post will contain (yep you guessed it): 3 words. I’m totally cheating because I’m already up to 31 words. Well, now I’m at 37. So, here I go. My first 3 Word Thursday blog post. But wait, since I’m now up to 54 words and that’s not even close to 3 and I clearly can’t follow directions, I might as well explain what those funny letters are up at the beginning of this blog post. They’re supposed to be there so that I can get my blog verified for Empire Avenue. And now, my 3 Word Thursday blog post:

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