Did you know that this is Keep Talking Mental Health Week?

#KeepTalkingMH, created by Rebecca Lombardo, is a movement to inspire others to talk about mental health. Rebecca encourages us to “Get out there and spread the word that there’s NO SHAME in talking about mental health or mental illness.”

Rebecca is the author of It’s Not Your Journey. This is her true story of the battle she fights inside her mind every day. She documents what she is feeling to help others while she helps herself. I had the privilege of being on Rebecca’s podcast and we spoke about the daily struggle of living with mental illness. But back to “Keep Talking Mental Health Week…”

So, here’s the challenge:

Pose with a sign that says #KeepTalkingMH and post it on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

On Twitter, tag: @BekaLombardo

On Instagram, tag: @BekaLombardo

On Facebook, tag: @KeepTalkingMH

She will be giving away prizes for the winners!

Here are my entries for #KeepTalkingMH Week:

1. At the stadium of the First Modern Olympics Games in Athens, Greece.

2. At the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

Thanks and let’s Keep Talking Mental Health!

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