She’s here! She’s really here!!

The time has come for me to announce the birth of a new baby!

Yes, she’s a baby book and, like all new moms, I’m over the moon in love with her. While she’s not my first baby book, and she’s in fact not actually mine, she is just as special and as precious to me as all of my baby books.

For months, the proud father and I worked on her. He would write and I would edit. He would write and I would select photos for the interior pages. He would write and I would…encourage him to write. He is Phoenix Nash, my dear friend, and without him, there would be no baby book.

Divine Awakening is filled with his true stories as well as poems and quotes that he, too, has written. He has faced way more than his share of trials in this lifetime and, yet, love’s light shines brightly through him. In this book, he shares what happened when he realized what being adopted meant, the sadness he experienced when his brother took his own life, the day his innocence was taken, as well as other happenings. While these are very heavy subjects, Phoenix writes in such a beautiful, artistic way that our hearts are left feeling uplifted and inspired. We are reminded that though the darkness may seem heavy, there is always a light within us. It is that light that will guide us on our paths.

Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of announcing little baby Divine Awakening to you!

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