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Live Inspired
Softcover, 128 pages
ISBN 13: 978-1-935537-58-8

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Live Inspired

Live Inspired is truly a community work. In late 2008, after months of preparation, unveiled the Inspired Living Cafe, a virtual oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. Here, our goal is to stretch your mind, gladden your heart, and nourish your soul. As the host of the Inspired Living Cafe, I write about what’s inspiring me. Spotlighting new books and stand-out authors, the Inspired Living Cafe has become a destination for inspiration.

Wanting to write a book on the idea of living inspired, I began by researching quotes and reading books on inspiration. I asked a few of my friends what living inspired meant to them. Reading the enthusiasm and joy in their heartfelt responses, I knew that I had hit on a topic that would resonate with readers. After a couple more months of writing, I felt the need to draw upon more sources of inspiration. That’s when it came to me: the Inspired Living Cafe has thousands of community members! I wonder how they would define living inspired.

We then held a contest asking the community to answer the question, “What does Living Inspired mean to you?” To our delight, we received over 400 submissions to this question from Inspired Living Café community members all over the world. That weekend after the contest, I took a writing retreat. Armed with my over-400 contest emails, a stack of Inspired Living Cafe books for inspiration, plenty of coffee, and my trusty laptop, I set out to write. I did most of my writing in an outdoor gazebo. As if preparing for my arrival, the pear trees lining the walkway out to the gazebo had blossomed only the day before. Listening to the birds sing, feeling the wind move about, sensing the change of seasons in the air, my mind became free of the worries of daily life. It was here, in the heart of serenity, that I read every contest submission. I read poems, dedications to family members, and personal stories of tragedy and triumph. These deep, thought-provoking, touching, and at times humorous words inspired me. You’ll find many of these quotes scattered among the pages of this book.