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The Power of 10%
Softcover, 120 pages
ISBN 13: 978-1-885228-71-0
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The Power of 10%

Imagine if you could help yourself and others…

  • Develop a “goal attainment” mindset.
  • Remove counterproductive boundaries to success.
  • Achieve more personal and professional results.

Now you can with

The Power of 10%
How Small Changes Can Make a BIG Difference

Contained within The Power of 10% you’ll find inspiration to go after your dreams, whether through the ideas and examples or stories of others who have made great strides with respect to improving themselves, their organizations, or society as a whole. Often, the original ideas were quite small yet, over time, the power of 10% allowed mighty transformations to take place.

I hope that after reading this book, you will see the potential in any given moment, realize how the small things really do matter, and have the confidence to unleash...

The Power of 10%