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Welcome The Rain
Softcover, 128 pages

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Welcome The Rain


It is certain that in every life rain will come. The rain represents the situations, sensations, conditions, and events that we try to avoid: adversity, controversy, stress, pain, inconvenience, and delay. We do not intentionally seek out these tough challenges. We do not desire to face these difficulties. We do not want to weather these storms. When the rain does come, it is our human nature to allow these times to get the best of us, to overwhelm us, to cause us to sink.

However, when we can appreciate these challenging times and respect their value in our lives, we come to a place of contentment. When we can see beyond our current difficulties and realize that these challenging times will make us stronger, allow us to grow, and give us a deep admiration for the blessings that life grants us, we truly open our eyes with optimism. And when we understand that ultimately we are in control of the way we respond and think about life’s events, that only we have the ability to choose the thoughts that enter our minds, we discover absolute freedom. No longer are our attitudes tied to what happens to us. Such hope is there in knowing that when faced with any type of circumstance, the truth remains, after all, that…

life is what we choose to make of it.

When your rain comes, will you choose to be the businessman, upset how the storm has inconvenienced you? Or will you choose to be the farmer who knows that while rain has the potential to be destructive it also brings growth and new life?

It is my wish that after reading this book, you will never see the rain the same way again. When the first drops fall, may you be reminded to think differently about facing life’s obstacles. May you choose to see beyond life’s storms, to uncover the blessings that the rain brings, and during all of life’s twists and turns, may you always choose to...

Welcome The Rain.