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Welcome The Rain
Softcover, 128 pages

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Welcome The Rain

They say, “Write about what you know.”

Hospitalized for depression at twelve, and then again at twenty-five, I knew sadness. I knew the feeling of darkness. I knew the sensation of hopelessness.

But I also knew that my life had changed because I had learned how to adopt new ways of thinking. I knew that for any given event, there were multiple ways to interpret it. (Why not pick the way that makes you feel better?) I also knew that there had to be a reason for why we go through difficult times.

As an only child, contentious, introspective, and at times timid, I was always in awe of those people who were able to persevere through the tough times and come out triumphant on the other side. Compelled to tell a story that recognized life’s challenges, yet was positive, inspiring, and refreshing, I set out to write Welcome The Rain. Initially, I wrote the book only for myself. Researching the stories and putting my own touch on them gave me joy. After each writing session, I felt uplifted. I kept writing because of the wonderful way this book was impacting my life. If this book can make me feel so optimistic, I thought, maybe I should share it with others.

At first, the book only contained other people’s triumphs. After all, Who am I? Why would anyone want to hear my story? As the writing progressed, I took a chance and wrote My Rain. My Story. Those who read My Rain. My Story, while the book was still in manuscript form, found that this last chapter gave the whole book meaning. It showed I knew my subject well.

I guess you could say the inspiration for Welcome The Rain started when I was twelve. Yet, it took years and years for me to see how My Rain (my depression) had blessed me. Had I never been depressed, I never would have been inspired to write this book. I would not have been compelled to share with others how the difficult times in life can help us. Chances are, if I had never suffered from depression, you wouldn’t be reading from this website today.