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Welcome The Rain
Softcover, 128 pages

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Welcome The Rain

The essence of Welcome The Rain is to understand that ultimately we are in control of the way we think about and respond to life’s events, both in our personal and professional lives. In twelve lines, the introduction to the poem sets the stage:

As the first raindrops fall to the ground
A businessman lets out an angry sigh.
Knowing traffic will be slow he thinks,
Why me? Why today? Just tell me why!

Outside of town, a farmer scans the horizon
As the storm clouds begin to roll in.
With joy and celebration he calls out,
We are blessed! At last! This drought will end!

In every life storms will come:
Adversity, Inconvenience, or Pain.
Only we can choose how we will respond:
To be overwhelmed or to Welcome The Rain.

Welcome The Rain has thirteen short chapters each devoted to a different type of Rain: Inconvenience, Delay, Challenge...The idea is that by changing our perspectives, we can turn these so-called negatives into positives. In the last chapter, author Michelle Sedas shares “My Rain. My Story,” leaving the reader inspired and uplifted.

Whether you’re merely dealing with life’s daily ups and downs, or are weathering stronger storms, this book will remind you to…

choose to see beyond life’s storms…
because it is only after the rain that you will find your rainbow.